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Possible to use group other than docker-users?

(Juliuspiv) #1

Key Details

  • Issue type: Problem / Possible Feature Request
  • OS Version/build: 10.0.15063
  • App version: / 18.06.1-ce-win73
  • Steps to reproduce:

When installing Docker for Windows, it creates a local group called ‘docker-users’.
The ‘docker-users’ group is then populated with the sAMAccountName of the account used to execute the installer.
That particular account may not be the one that’s used to run Docker for Windows. (Think environments where the typical user isn’t a local administrator and or the installation is handled by SYSTEM or a service account.)
Even if it were the correct account, a log off/log on is required for Docker for Windows to work, presumably to update the token to reflect updated group membership.
However, there’s another local group setup on the machine that the user is already a member of (e.g.: Corp Power Users; Corp Admin Users) so the token would already be up to date.

Is there a way to tell docker to rely on a different group (e.g.: Corp Power Users or Corp Admin Users) instead of the built-in one? (e.g.: specifying a modified installationmanifest.json file; using a specific command line argument etc.)