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Postgres Container Has OCI Runtime Exec Error - How Can I Resolve This

Is there a way to resolve this error when I deploy my PostgreSQL database container? The database container runs fine but I’d like to understand / remedy the actual error show below. Appreciate any assistance!

Error: OCI runtime exec failed: open /tmp/runc-process733377091: bad message: unknown

This happened to me on windows. Any of these commands will work

On Windows CMD (not switching to bash)

docker exec -it /bin/sh

On Windows CMD (after switching to bash)

docker exec -it //bin//sh


winpty docker exec -it //bin//sh

On Git Bash

winpty docker exec -it //bin//sh

NB: You might need to run use /bin/bash or /bin/sh, depending on the shell in your container.

The reason is documented in the ReleaseNotes file of Git and it is well explained here - Bash in Git for Windows: Weirdness…

“The cause has to do with trying to ensure that posix paths end up being passed to the git utilities properly. For this reason, Git for Windows includes a modified MSYS layer that affects command arguments.”

Weird. I’m using Docker Desktop on my Macbook Pro.
I just deployed MariaDB container and it appears to deploy the containers underlying filesystem. MariaDB is working fine. Wonder why PostgreSQL official image throws the error.

I just redeployed the container using docker run mapping to the same volume and it looks fine now for PostgreSQL. Weird.