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Ppa repository don't work

(Beloz) #1 - error 503

after command

 wget -qO- | sh

This out:

W: Не удалось получить  HttpError503

W: Не удалось получить  HttpError503

E: Некоторые индексные файлы не скачались. Они были проигнорированы или вместо них были использованы старые версии.

(Russ McKendrick) #2

Both the yum and apt repositories have been giving errors that varnish can not connect to the backend servers for the past few hours, it’s not the first time I have seen it happen on a Sunday.

It might be time for Docker to add some mirroring for the official repos, especially as they seem to be preferred way of installing now.

(Russ McKendrick) #3

Looks like it is back up and running now.

(Beloz) #4

Yay! It worked.
Very nice :slight_smile: