Private registry and FROM

I have a private registry and have uploaded an image.
If I do
docker pull my.private.reg:5000/test:myTest

then the image gets downloaded and I see it with docker images command.
I now removed all local images. i.e. docker images show nothing.
I have a docker build file and I want to extend the image with the image in the registry.
Should I expect this to work?

FROM my.private.reg:5000/test:myTest

If this is not correct what incantation do I need from within a docker build such that I do not have to do
a docker pull… before starting the build.


Yes, [quote=“mikekh, post:1, topic:30584”]
FROM my.private.reg:5000/test:myTest
[/quote] would work as you expect. no need to have it pulled. A docker build will just use it as a reference.

Thanks for the reply Todd. I thought that should work but all I get is
Pulling repository…
Error: image test:myTest not found