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Privileged containers

is there any way how to run privileged containers orchestered by docker swarm ? When i try deploy them via docker-compose i get information them compose is not able to deploy them to other swarm nodes and i have to use docker stack deploy. However when i use docker stqck deploy i get : Ignoring unsupported options: privileged .

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Currently, privileged services are not supported. There is a PR in works( 1 option that works in some applications like monitoring is to deploy the monitoring container in privileged mode and have it in the same network as other services in swarm mode.

After three years, what is the status of privileged mode in swarm?

I have also been recently trying to find this answer, and to my knowledge unfortunately Docker Compose still does not support this option. It is due to the fact of how easy it is to make a container/service privileged, and the security vulnerabilities which lie in privileged mode. It is better to add capacities until the needs of the image are satisfied. Unfortunate for me, I’m not sure what capabilities are needed, so my image is not working.