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Problem in docker swarm

Good day.
Maybe someone help me :slight_smile:
I am install Docker Swarm
In my swarm I have - 1 master and 2 workers
Installed SwarmPit GUI to manage Docker Swarm
all servers in one DC, ping between servers is fine - time=0.242 ms time=0.348 ms

  1. create a network
    docker network create --driver overlay --subnet --attachable swarm-test-net
  2. using sonyflake as test app
    docker service create
    –replicas 6
    –network swarm-test-net \
    –update-parallelism 5
    –name sonyflake
    -p 80:80

my problem is:

One of my server is …not working well in swarm, i don’t know WHY

if i use

docker run
–rm williamyeh/wrk
-t 6
-c 30

  • unable to connect to sonyflake:http Operation timed out

My next steps

docker service scale sonyflake=2


Running 10s test @ http://sonyflake
6 threads and 30 connections
Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev
Latency 1.07ms 1.45ms 13.01ms 85.89%
Req/Sec 8.61k 0.88k 14.25k 73.13%
516350 requests in 10.10s, 101.97MB read
Requests/sec: 51123.84
Transfer/sec: 10.10MB

All is working, problem with this server OVH-167
Can i know what is wrong?
OVH-167 logs is totally fine, i can see - 2019/02/28 16:16:37 Ready and listening on port 80
but I’m sure the problem exists.

Thank you!