Problem with conflicts with Docker and Virtual Linux server using the same port


I’m facing the following error and haven’t been able to find a solution yet. How can I run the docker without getting a conflicting port error? for example, the port 8443 used by virtual simply be exchanged for another?

I installed Docker on virtual Linux server for local self-hosted services by following the steps mentioned here,
After deployment, when I try to run the docker, I got these errors because the docker is trying to use port 8443, which is used by Virtual server.

ERROR: for supabase-kong  Cannot start service kong: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint supabase-kong (b0756b169d9361298400bf97463d300b5d4e43a544f94f8a983ec9b7e26416b9): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

So when I change the port used by Docker I get these errors.

You can use any ports for your containers you like. Based on your error message, it is not Docker that listens on a port, but you have a container using that port which is already used on your host. The solution is either stopping the service on the host which uses the same port, or changing its port or changing the port of the container in the compose file. The screenshot indicates that you use Docker Compose.

Thank you Rimelek for your reply.
As suggested I have changed the port in Docker compose.

But I am still getting errors. Is it again related to the port?

I don’t know, but please, don’t share screenshots of codes (share it as text using the code button </>). Hard to read, and impossible to copy and search for the message. That is what you could try. I don’t even see the failing services on your screenshots.