Problem with docker push to an Artifactory Docker Registry (subdomain method)


We are configuring an Artifactory Docker Registry to push/pull images. We have selected subdomain method and an Apache for de reverse proxy.
Reverse proxy is configured with wildcard certificate and it runs ok (we can access througth it). We can’t use port number 443 for the SSL configuration because we have limitations from Security Team, then we have configured the reverse proxy with port number 8443.

The problem we have is produced when we execute, for example, a docker push command, with the following results:

docker tag f2a91732366c repo.artifactory_server/prueba:4
docker push repo.artifactory_server/prueba:4
The push refers to a repository [repo.artifactory_server/prueba]
Get https://repo.artifactory_server/v1/_ping: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

I think that the problem is in default https port (443). We must access througth 8443. Does anyone know if this is the problem? Can we change it in some config file?

Thank you and regards.