Problem with docker toolbox after uninstalling docker desktop for Mac

Running Catalina 10.15.1, having previously installed Docker-desktop for Mac. Because of issues with networking in Docker Desktop, I’m experimenting in using docker from Docker-Toolbox which has docker compose version

docker-compose version 1.24.1, build 4667896b
docker-py version: 3.7.3
CPython version: 3.6.8
OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.1.0j 20 Nov 2018

When I try to build an image via docker-compose up I get this error

dockerpycreds.errors.InitializationError: docker-credential-desktop not installed or not available in PATH

But docker-credential-desktop is not available if Docker Desktop for Mac isn’t installed.

Now since Docker Toolbox for Mac came before Docker Desktop for Mac I’m expecting it to just work. But it seems that it requires something from Docker Desktop for Mac. Which is very strange.

I’m guessing that uninstalling Docker Desktop for Mac has left behind some configuration settings such that docker-compose from Docker Toolbox looks for docker-credential-desktop, which isn’t there because it’s been uninstalled and therefore I can’t use Docker Toolbox for Mac.

The reason I have to go back to before Docker Desktop is that DD for Mac has a problem routing calls from containers to private networks via the host. Running containers in Linux inside Virtual Box doesn’t have that problem.

Anyone have any insight on this?