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Problems getting started

About ready to give up here. For some reason I couldn’t even edit this description. Don’t know why it decided to work.

Installed latest Docker and Desktop for Mac (Big Sur). Logged in.

Tried to follow the suggestion to run this:

docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started

But all I get is:

Unable to find image 'docker/getting-started:latest' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: Head "": unauthorized: incorrect username or password.

Now what?
(And would it kill you to put a “Quit” command in the Docker Desktop? Wasted a good deal of time looking for that.)

Well, don’t know why but I tried again and this time it appeared to run some kind of update and then worked. I was able to access the tutorial. :man_shrugging:

I was able to get partway through the Getting Started tutorial but am now stuck on the “Persisting our DB” page. In Step 1 I started the ubuntu container, and it indicates it’s running. Then Step 2 says “open the Dashboard and click the first action of the container that is running the ubuntu image.” It doesn’t explain what the “first action” is, but I assume it’s the “CLI” button. It is apparently supposed to bring up a shell, but when I click it nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting the container, restarting the Desktop, etc., but nothing helps.

Bummer the UI button does not work for you. (And indeed, it’s the “CLI” button; unfortunately the mouse pointer is not visible in the screenshot, but the tooltip is.)

But, reading on gets you:

If you prefer the command line you can use the docker exec command to do the same.

It explains more after that.

Thanks. Would there be any point in trying to report a bug in Docker Desktop?

The “problem” is: it works for me, on the latest Big Sur 11.6, with latest Docker Desktop. (In fact it also worked in the previous versions; I only did some pending updates just now, from 3.5.2 to 3.6.0 and then 4.1.1.) So, you’ll need to provide a lot of details to figure out why it did not work for you.

I assume the container was running? Also, the Getting Started container shows a different first option, “OPEN IN BROWSER”, at least in 3.5.2 and later:

open in browser

(Above, the container is not running yet.)

In my attempts, the “Open in Browser” button was never shown. The CLI was always the first button. (Using 4.1.1).
Just tried again: it says the ubuntu container is running, and the CLI button does nothing.
OK, wait, perhaps I have been making the wrong assumption that the shell would open in Docker Desktop. But I now see that clicking the CLI button switches focus to the Terminal app’s window. Is that what’s supposed to happen?
In any case, running cat /data.txt in that window gives “No such file or directory”

(That terminal instance is logged into my Mac home directory. Am I supposed to cd somewhere else?)

Indeed, it will open a new Terminal window. But it should get you into the container, not into your home folder. It basically just runs the docker exec command for you.

I am using and sometimes things like a prompt for an update of that software intervenes with the Docker command when that opened a new Terminal window. After handling that, clicking the CLI button again, to open yet another new Terminal window, works just fine. In other words: integration is brittle…

(Also, I was wrong about the “OPEN IN BROWSER” thing: that is only shown for containers that publish ports. Like for the Getting Started container itself. But probably not for the Ubuntu container that is being discussed in that very step of the tutorial.)

Yeah, my point was that it switched to an existing Terminal window, it didn’t open a new one.

I tried closing that Terminal window (the only one open), and clicking the CLI button. Nothing.

Tried using the docker exec command and it appears to have worked OK with two different ubuntu instances. Did not try Docker Desktop.
It kind of looks like there is a problem with Docker Desktop manipulating
I’m using the macOS default zshell.