Problems using local registry mirror in a closed network

Hi, I’ve followed the instructions on how to set up a local registry mirror and connect to it as given here:

Our Docker daemons are running on vm’s that have no Internet connection and thus rely on being able to pull images from the local registry mirror. However, it seems that even though the Docker daemon is configured to use the local registry, it still tries to contact initially.
Doing an i.e. docker pull java:8-jre results in the following error:

FATA[0000] Get dial tcp connection refused

It was my hope that when using a registry mirror this would be the only service the Docker daemon would have to access in order to pull images. If the Docker daemon still needs to query the before pulling an image from registry mirror, it would mean that it’s not possible to do so from a machine which has no Internet connection.

Am I missing something here in terms of configuration, or how do I achieve the setup that I need?


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