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Prometheus container immediately exits

Hello All,

I am attempting to install Promethus with docker on Centos7 using this guide:

I am copying and pasting commands to minimize mistakes…
However when i get to the command to check that the container is running(sudo docker ps), I get a blank

If i run sudo docker ps -a, it shows that the container exited immediately.

any thoughts on how i can get the container to run without exiting?

Also, this is a devops environment from work but not in production as of yet.
we are using awx, docker, and openstack

my vm is centos 7.5


Hi :slight_smile:

I think you need to figure out, WHY it exited.
Try and use: docker logs ContainerID/ContainerName

That guide is a couple of years old. Take a look at That works.

There is a good combo with cadvisor on the Prometheus site that has a docker compose file. Use that as base.