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Proper Docker way of getting GitLab working

(Morpheu5) #1

So, there is a gitlab/gitlab-ce image on the hub, which uses the Omnibus package thingie, meaning that it installs GitLab app and OpenSSH, and runs the whole thing as a thick bundle. Now, I could do that, but I know this isn’t how Docker is meant to be used, so I thought I’d set up a bunch of independent containers, link them up, and be happy. To the very best of my knowledge, that would mean

  • some form of Rack server running the Ruby side of things;
  • some SQL database;
  • SSH access to, presumably, the repository volumes.

Assuming that this is correct, and knowing that I already have ssh installed in my host machine, and also that I only have one public IP address, is it worthwhile going for this approach – and if so, can someone point me at some guide, if it exists – or should I just suck it up and go for the Omnibus deal?