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I pull a image :protegeproject/webprotege, but when I use docker-compose up to run it and visit by http://localhost:5000, it ask me for username and password, who can tell me what is the correct username and password?

To build WebProtégé from source

Clone the github repository
git clone
Open a terminal in the directory where you clone the repository to
Use maven to package WebProtégé
mvn clean package
The WebProtege .war file will be built into the webprotege-server directory
Running from Maven
To run WebProtégé in SuperDev Mode using maven

Start the GWT code server in one terminal window
mvn gwt:codeserver
In a different terminal window start the tomcat server
mvn -Denv=dev tomcat7:run
Browse to WebProtégé in a Web browser by navigating to http://localhost:8080
Running from Docker
To run WebProtégé using Docker containers:

Enter this following command in the Terminal to start the docker container in the background

docker-compose up -d
Create the admin user (follow the questions prompted to provider username, email and password)

docker exec -it webprotege java -jar /webprotege-cli.jar create-admin-account
Browse to WebProtégé Settings page in a Web browser by navigating to http://localhost:5000/#application/settings

Define the System notification email address and application host URL
Enable User creation, Project creation and Project import
To stop WebProtégé and MongoDB:

docker-compose down
Sharing the volumes used by the WebProtégé app and MongoDB allow to keep persistent data, even when the containers stop. Default shared data storage:

WebProtégé will store its data in the source code folder at ./.protegedata/protege where you run docker-compose
MongoDB will store its data in the source code folder at ./.protegedata/mongodb where you run docker-compose
Path to the shared volumes can be changed in the docker-compose.yml file.