Proxmox + Docker + AdGuard - Network problem

Hi all,

I’m working to migrate all my add-ons from my Home Assistant to my new VM with HAOS + another VM with AdGuard (and after Nginx, MQTT, Wireguard) with docker container.
I found a lot of tutorial but…still problem with my network configuration.

My Proxmox server has an address like
My VM (host of my docker containers) has also the same network (

  1. My first question is: regarding all my future containers, could I have another network format like ? If yes, How can I organize it ?

  2. Currently, I can have Adguard Home working by setting my docker compose with :

network_mode = host

→ I tried to make another configuration with “macvlan” solution, but I didn’t find the right way to make it working (because I still don’t have all knowledge of docker).
(For example:

Without the “host method”, I can manage Adguard (on port 3000), I have an access to the monitoring (on port 80), but if I configure the DNS on another device, nothing happen.
I think I have a problem with the network configuration.
Any idea how can I reach to realize my VM docker configuration ?

Many thanks for your help.