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Proxy is enforced for containers - how to disable it?

Hello everybody,

I have a strange behaviour, that is driving me crazy!
Today, I’ve deployed a couple of containers on the default docker network (on a new linux server) and when it comes to reach one of the container, all the calls are hitting the corporate proxy => Bouum :boom:

I have the same behavior when calling the service from the outside on the exposed port on this container.

For example, I can reach one of the exposed port 4444 but for instance if the first endpoint is calling a second one, not exposed, it’s hitting the proxy.
curl “http://mywonderfuldocker:4444/first” which is calling “
=> :boom: Proxy answer not able to find the /second :boom:

I really do not understand how it’s possible.
I have set no_proxy environment variable in the container, and on the npmrc or docker.config in the host.

How to be sure we by pass the proxy for sure?
Any idea?
Or any way to troubleshoot that?

It’s purely internal, no proxy has to be involved at all.
Please help me to keep my sanity! (or what is left of it!)