Publishing in specific Frontend IP pool at Azure Load Balancer

Frontend IP pool

The docker service create --name nginx -p 80:80 nginx command will expose automatically wire up the underlying platform load balancers.

But, In Azure LoadBalance I can add lot of external IP address at Frontend IP pool. And docker service create command expose only at default Frontend IP pool.

How can I expecify a Frontend IP pool for Azure agent? another, not in default Frontend IP pool.

At my scenery I would like expose mutiples containers in differents IPs for TCP 80 port.

Any tip?

I won’t like use some think like reverse proxy or HAproxy.

Multiple front end IP addresses for Azure is not supported at the moment.

if you change your mind about using haproxy, we’re using the docker version from which automatically reconfigures as containers change and seems to work pretty well.

Thank you for replay, I will think about, but what I really want and really make sense, is about what told above…

Right, but what I told, have trully sense at Azure scenary? Docker Team should take care about it in Azure becouse automatic port map already works in Azure, next and pretty step set this port in new Load Balancer or something like that.