Python API : is it possible to narrow returned contents with containers.list()

Hey folks

For the purpose of monitoring, I need to regularly probe the complete set of docker containers - several thousands in my case - but I need only a small subset of data about each container (mostly port numbers)

Using the python API, I found containers.list(all=True) that suits my needs, except that it takes a very long time to complete - in the 10s - and my guess is it is slow because it gathers a whole lot of details that I do not care about.

So I was looking for a means to filter out results, not on a specific subset of containers, but rather on the amount of data returned about each of them; much like what docker ps --format would do; I found about the filter kwdarg that list() accepts, but it seems to be only oriented to narrowing to a subset of containers.

At this point it feels like the most effective method for me would be to subprocess a call to docker ps --format{{}}, but that feels backwards. I can’t believe I can do more with a command that wraps an API than with the API itself…

Am I missing something ? Any hint as to other methods would be appreciated; I don’t mind having to split this into several requests if that helps reduce the total amount of time needed.

many thanks in advance

The API documentation can be found here You can use filters to find what you need:

import docker
client = docker.from_env()

for container in client.containers.list(all=True, filters={"name":"star_with_"}):
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actually no, the filters let me see information on fewer containers, that’s not what I need.
I need to get only some attributes of all the containers

Aah, I see. I thought that you want to filter out certain containers.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. You can’t get only certain attribute. The elements in the list() will return all the attributes.