Python3 nodejs images

i am working with a django angular project . i am using python3 so i want a container where node 6.4.0 and python3 will be installed . i have node:6.4.0 and python:3.4 images in my docker .

now i want another images named py3node
i am trying this way
FROM node:6.4.0
FROM python:3.4

docker build -t py3node .

Sending build context to Docker daemon 8.192 kB
Step 1 : FROM node:6.4.0
—> 800da22d0e7b
Step 2 : FROM python:3.4
—> 93bc8e41eb8c
Successfully built 93bc8e41eb8c

then i run
docker run -it py3node /bin/bash
root@092724f514:/# node -v

bash: node: command not found

but python3 work

why node:6.4.0 is not working?