QEMU file does not shrink after removing old images/containers

Expected behavior

After filling up my hard drive with images and containers, I expected I would be able to remove them using standard docker rm commands, and free up hard drive space.

Actual behavior

Containers and images removed successfully, but hard disk space still being used. I narrowed it down to the QEMU file being used for the docker vm (it’s 45gb right now).

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. On system with relatively small hard drive(100gb SSD), build some big images
  2. Try to remove images, observe hdd space does not free up on host.
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Yes we do plan to address this at some point. The only solution at the moment is to use the “Reset to factory defaults” but that will lose everything, which is not ideal.

Alright. Good to know. Other then this issue, the new docker for mac has
been working great!