QEMU in dockerized Linux

I am working on building a dev environment for IOT devices for s school course. I am on an arm based mac, so am needing to find different solutions to many of my classmates. We are supposed to have an ubuntu (22.04) dev environment with buildroot and QEMU inside it. I am not sure how to go about getting the QEMU inside via my dockerfile. I’m somewhat unsure that I am going to need the QEMU at all as most people are using it to emulate arm64, and I should be able to run the arm stuff natively, but I would like to find a way to get it running, in case I need it for a specific project.

You don’t need qemu inside “via Dockerfile”, only on the host:

And yes, if you have an Arm-based host and want to run Arm-based containers, you probably don§t need an emulator, but I don’t know so much about Arm. I only have a Mac with the M1 cpu. ONe thing is sure. If the architecture is the same (same version of arm), you don’t need an emulator. And if you are on Mac and installed Docker Desktop, you already have an emulator.