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Question about exec in Docker

Hello :wave:

I have a question, i have an Garry’s Mod Image and i want execute command in, How i do that ?
(I use: Docker Hub )

(Sorry for my bad english :uk:/:us:)

What have you tried so far? I suppose you started with the documentation, right?

I want execute on the console the command in the Gmod, not in the Linux Container.

I am curious if any Gmod users are in this forum. I assume it is easier to find someone that does use Gmod in Docker in a Gmod Forum, instead in the Dock forum… You might want to try your chances there!

Since I don’t really understand the issue, which could be because I don’t know Gmod, I have to agree with @meyay

Hum, it’s first time i use Docker and i haven’t found any information in Garry’s Mod Forum, and i have the same question for other source game and other…

Lets take docker out of the equation for a minute: can you tell us how you normaly archive what you are looking for (without docker)?