Question concerning upcoming changes to inactive images

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the naïve question here but I am not well versed in the Docker ecology.

We have an application that installs several docker Linux containers on Windows 10 systems, and then we install the front-end GUI for the customers to access an active database in the container(s).

These Windows 10 systems can be entirely offline, be on internal intranet, or have full internet access.

Once the containers are installed, the customer largely works from GUI interface. If someone logs out and a different person logs in then the containers close down and reboot for the new person.

My question(s): I am unclear on what Push/Pull and Images mean in terms of Docker functionality.

  1. Does the setup described above qualify as an inactive image? I’m pretty sure we are using a “free account”.

  2. When a User logs in and out and docker shuts down and reboots - does this qualify as a Push or Pull and would count against the 100 image pulls in a six hour period?

Or does Push/Pull and Images only refer to what is being hosted by the Docker repository?

thank you for clarifying my understanding.