Question When Adding Volume to Container

Hey Guys -

I’m fairly new to Docker and am currently running a Fedora 27 Atomic host at home on dedicated hardware to learn more about it. I was trying to configure a container this morning and ran into an issue I need assistance with, please.

When configuring a web hosted app hosted in a new container today, I realized that I would have to enter a local path which could be used to access files from both the container and my Windows 10 PC. I tried entering a UNC path to a Windows share with full permissions, but it didn’t like it and think it only accepts local paths. Therefore, assuming this is correct; I’m trying to add a volume to the container which would obviously map a folder accessible from the Docker host to one in the container. Once done, I could easily set up a sync between the host’s folder and the Windows system. The problem is, I have only added volumes when creating the containers.

Using Portainer, I see that the container already has 2 volumes for “data” and “config.” I set each up to reside in folders inside the home folder on the host side, but on the container side it simple says they are located in “/data” and “/config.” When connecting to the container’s console, I can’t locate the data or config paths, though.

My questions are:

  1. What’s the base path (which I guess is common) for the paths shown for the container side of volumes?
  2. What’s the best way to add a new volume for what I described above?

Thanks, Guys!!

Nevermind - I’m blind! I reconnected to the console and saw that the folders on the container side are in the root. Duh - Thanks!