Questiona about SFTP docker?

I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the issue im having,
Currently using this docker compose and its working fine but im not sure why when i upload content it does not show on the host, but in the container it shows correctly

    image: markusmcnugen/sftp
        - /sftp/testfiles:/files
        - "3593:22"
    command: user:mypassword:::files

Thank you

Actually it’s not a question about sftp in docker. It is a question about how to use volumes with the markusmcnugen/sftp image properly.

You might want to reach out to the maintainer. If you don’t know how, just raise an issue in GitHub - MarkusMcNugen/docker-sftp: Fork of atmoz SFTP container built with Ubuntu and includes fail2ban and hope the maintainer responds (last commit was 2 years ago).

thanks for the reply, very odd because the volumes seems that are correctly configured im trying to find another docker image with fail2ban but i guess ill keep looking
ill post back to see how it goes
thank you

I wouldn’t be sure about that. You might want to exec into the container and actually check where the uploaded files are stored in the container. After reading the dockerhub description yesterday, I feel the description remains ambiguous about which container folders need to be mapped as volume. I wouldn’t be surprised if the data is written into the container file system, which would align with your experience.