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Questions about the docker storage usage

(Ahrtr) #1

The docker version is 17.03.1-ce, and the storage driver is overlay2.

The size of the directory “/var/lib/docker/overlay2” is 30G per the following command,

# du -hs /var/lib/docker/overlay2/
30G /var/lib/docker/overlay2/

But the size of the directory is 11G based on the following command. Why the size returned by this command is 11G, but it’s 30G per the above command, it’s really confusing. Can anyone please clarify it?

# du -hs /var/lib/docker/*
2.9G /var/lib/docker/containers
6.2M /var/lib/docker/image
188K /var/lib/docker/network
11G /var/lib/docker/overlay2
0 /var/lib/docker/plugins
0 /var/lib/docker/swarm
0 /var/lib/docker/tmp
0 /var/lib/docker/trust
152K /var/lib/docker/volumes

I tried to reclaim the unused disk space using command “docker system prune -a -f”, but basically the disk space usage keeps unchanged. What’s the correct way to reclaim the space?

The info returned by command “docker system df” is as below,

# docker system df
Images     19     19        1.168 GB    121.7 MB (10%)
Containers   144   101     8.404 GB    4.46 kB (0%)
Local Volumes  101   101   1.2 kB      0 B (0%)