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Quickest way to deploy a Docker container directly from a repository

TL;DR: I’m looking for a service that builds and deploys a Docker image directly from a Git repo, to make it easier for potential users to try out my app.

What I have:

I have created a little service/webapp running in a Docker container and published it as an open source repository (Github).

To run the app, one would do it as is usual for many such apps:

  1. Clone the repo
  2. docker build ... then docker run ...
  3. Access the app on localhost:8080

This is easy, but still needs a potential user to have basic knowledge about Docker and Git.

What I want:

I’d like to have it even simpler, as follows:

  1. User (somewhere, somehow) clicks a button “Run Repository”.
  2. Service checks out the repo and builds and runs the Docker image.
  3. User gets a response: “Click to use the app”

Does such a service exist in the world of Docker? I just know that there’s which offers something similiar for Jupyter notebooks.

I doubt you’re going to find free services, if that is what you’re after. There is just too much abuse by crypto miners. But if not free, then how do you predict how often people will use it? used to offer something like this but they stopped.

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