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RabbitMQ - upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers on port 5672

Hello All,

I am trying to deploy the RabbitMQ in k8s cluster. Successfully exposed the service on port 15672 and 5672.
However on trying to connect from app on rabbitMQ broker its failing. Management UI is working fine.

Even the curl failing on port 5672.


Could someone please help me here?

Have you checked RabbitMQ logs? Also, have you tried to connect from the RabbitMQ container to localhost?

not able to see any errors. istio ingress can connect to pod on the port 5672.

sorry, forgot to mention the image. I am using rabbitmq:3-management

What system are you using? Is it a Linux server or a desktop (Windows/Mac) ?

I have deployed it on GKE and trying to connect the broker from windows GCE.

I don’t use GKE. What are your options to access your services? Some kind of gateway, proxy? It looks like it is not a RabbitMQ issue but more like GKE gateway issue. If it is true, I am not sure I am the best person to help you.

traffic is coming via istio ingress gateway.
Thanks for checking.

I will wait if someone can suggest.

Then there is a chance it can help you

I had found it before I sent my previous message but I felt was not what you needed. Maybe it is.

Jakub had a collection of possible solutions.

thanks a lot, let me check these.