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RDP into Windows Container

(Jlara005) #1

Hello all,

Is it possible to RDP into a Windows container? From what I have been reading it was possible in TP3 but in TP4 you are not able to do so. I know that in Linux you can do so by using X11 but I need to run a JAVA Desktop application on a windows container. Any help will be appreciated.


(Cprogramer84) #2

I have a similar query as well. I want to install and run windows desktop applications on Docker. These application has a 2 tier structure i.e A database (SQL Server) and C#/Dot .net based front end application.


(Timam) #3

At this time, no, Docker for Windows Server 2016 does not support GUI-based applications. This is because Windows containers are based on either Nano or Core Server, which do not allow users to start up a GUI-based interface nor RDP into the container.