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Re-create deactivated organization

Hi there,

We recently deactivated our organization (namespace “chargeafter”) on, and now when we’re trying to create it back again, we get an error message saying: “An organization with the same name already exists”.

How can we create an organization with that name again?


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Hi, I reactivated the organization, and added you as owner. You should be good to go. Thanks.

Hi team, how are you?

it’s the same case with me, i deleted the “ingeint” organization (i was triying to convert it to an user :frowning: ), and now i can’t use the namespace anymore, could you please help me?



I was forced to deactivate my organization “medtower” when I wanted to connect a bitbucket account. I wanted to create it again now. But it wouldn’t work because an organization with that name exists already.

How can we fix this?

Best regards,

Hi, I also need to reactivate the organization notifywatcher

Hello people, i need to reactivated mi organization ingeint, can you help me?

Best regards

I also need to reactivate the Docker Organization ID ‘securends’