React app on docker desktop

Hi all ,
i have been triying to create a docker container for my react app , but react build is not working the process is being killed automatically ,
i have tried using the increased memory of container also but still not working ,
so i decided to copy the build from vs code to docker container but the copy is not working , can anyone give some suggestion

Based on what you shared, I can confidentally say that “something is wrong”.

Please, share all the information you would share for example with a colleague or a friend next to you. Without error messages and knowing what you exactly did, there is not much we can say to help.

the project is a application which front end running on react , backend is running django using gunicorn and is connect to my sql , and nginx is also used ,
so the task is that i need to containerize it ,
is there any documentaition or articles which can help this project ?

Your response ignores what @rimelek asked about.

Answers can always be as good as the details provided in the questions. So far there is nothing that helps us that would allow us to help you.

No problem, keep your secrets. Though, this reduces the chance to get any helpful response dramatically. Your choice.

Currently I’m trying to run nix-shell, but it doesn’t work. I tried to reinstall, but the reinstallation process failed. So I uninstalled it, but it still doesn’t work. What could be the problem?

Well… I cheated with the last part, since I just uninstalled it so of course it doesn’t work, but I hope you get the idea. :slight_smile: Or… if you can tell me what was wrong based on what I shared, I give it another try to answer your question :slight_smile:

Now what was missing from my issue? For example what comands I ran, what error message I got in which order, I could have shared some version numbers too.

Now, please, try again and share more details that gives us something to work with.

Thank you!