React side not getting up in docker

We had created a docker file with environment variables and not adding arguments directly through build. Instead we add environment variables into the docker file and push those images to the docker and any new users can pull the images directly from the docker and use it while we install the project. The .env files are created by the user in the time of build. But after the docker gets up in the docker desktop, it is not redirecting to the browser to access the web side and create forms, it is continuingly looping while we inspect it. Can anyone share a solution for it?

You probably meant Docker registry. For example Docker Hub.

Again, I guess you meant “Docker registry”

Now I don’t think the Docker registry “gets up in the Docker Desktop” so you probably wanted to write “Docker container”

Docker is the software, or let’s say software collection which allows you to run Docker containers. And there is Docker Inc, the company behind Docker which is also frequently referred to as Docker, but not containers and not registries.

Please, be careful with these expressions if you want to avoid misunderstanding.

As for the question, I am not sure I understand fully what your issue is. I feel that we need more information to see how it is related to Docker. Please, answer the following questions:

  • Were you able to run the application without containers correctly?
  • Were you able to run the application without Docker Desktop but with Docker on Linux?
  • Do you try to open the application in the webbrowser or should the application open a webbrowser for you? This is why I ask:
  • Do you have a proxy server in front of your application container?