Read from named volume during build (not create or run)

I have a base IIS image built from microsoft/IIS that enables features, makes directories, sets permissions etc. Currently at build of this base image I copy data files from the host to this image. These files are used at container run time by a process that loads them into an in memory cache. Instead of copying these files into the image, I would like to create a named volume with these data files and have that read from the base image while creating a version specific image. Is access to the named volume with data possible during image build, or is this something I need to do when running the container?

Volumes are not accessible during build (since it would preclude your co-workers from doing the same build if they don’t have the exact same volume). So you’d have to do this at the start of docker run.

@friism Thanks for the explanation. I think I better understand the relationship between data volumes and images. Is it possible to create a volume for a different drive letter in a dockerfile (e.g. VOLUME F:) and copy to that from the host instead of the C: drive of the image?

See here for my issue and current workaround. Docker Data Volumes and Windows mounts