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Receive UDP multicast stream inside container without setting network to host

On a Ubuntu host I receive a UDP multicast Video Stream when listening to the address udp:// I am trying to start a docker container on the same Ubuntu host and access the UDP stream from inside the container. This works if a set the --network to host but I want to start my container with an overlay notwork. This is how I am starting my container

sudo docker run -i -p 4005:3000 -p 5005:5005/udp --network kksd_webnet --volume data:/data --detach --name sst-manager-1 sst-manager:1.0

Do you have an idea on how to achieve that and is that even feasible?

While you can do udp with -p 1982:1982/udp I don’t believe docker’s port forwarding currently supports multicast. You may have better luck if you disable the userland proxy on the daemon (dockerd --userland-proxy=false …), but that’s just a guess.

The fast/easy solution, while removing some of the isolation, is to use the host network with docker run --net=host …