Release Date of Docker 1.12

While docker 1.12 is available now in an experimental version, when is the full release going to occur? The wiki on the github project states the target date as 06/14/2016 (feature freeze) Does this mean that docker 1.12 has been released? If not when is the official release date?

Based on this page on the docker/docker github repo, it looks like the planned full release date may be 7/14/2016:

Hmm I just found this page that says July 28:

Ah, yes, I see that. Looks like the newest release on the page I linked to now says the July 28 date as well, but the older ones still say July 14. They must have decided they need another two weeks to finish necessary testing and bug fixing kind of things. Good to know there’s a date that seems to show up in multiple places now!

The version of docker at is now 1.12.1