Reliability of backup and data security


I would like to create a docker architecture but I have some questions:

  • My first question is for my data. When a container is running, if the server crash or if I stop the container, the container is not save (all services installed, all configs and all datas is lost) … what is the solution to have a security?)

  • The backup is reliable?

  • Is there complete Web UI for docker? (create,start,stop,delete and backup container)

Thanks a lot

when you run your containers with --rm=true then the container will be deleted after it stopped. Just then. In all other cases the containers will stay.

Prefer immutable containers

Probably you also could consider to store your data within volumes. docker volumes or local mounts. Usually this is considered a good practice, because it keeps your containers small and immutable.

Web UI

You could try: