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Remote debug of container applications in Swarm

(Cspwizard) #1

I’ve a docker swarm with a stack deployment. Stack has it’s own overlay network, and several services both linux (db, rabbitmq, etc) and windows (.net web services, and some legacy

I couldn’t find a way how can I connect to container from host (container is running on same machine), similar way what VS 2017 does based on docker-compose deployment. Trying to add some host nat network to container fails as it is not in swarm scope.

Docker-compose doesn’t fit my needs as I need hybrid environment with both linux and windows services.

Is it possible to connect to windows container (in swarm overlay network) on host from same host?


(Cspwizard) #2

I’ve found out that this could be done via docker exec container_id ipconfig / ifconfig so we get the internal ip of the container and we can connect with remote debug to it.

Would be nice if that info would be available from docker inspect command.