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Replace Expired Cert for Docker Trusted Registry

The DTR certificate expired on our private DTR hub so I can’t use the UI to replace the cert.
I followed a post and logged into the servers themselves and replaced the cert in the etc/docker/certs.d/<URL/ directory but the UI page is still saying it’s an invalid cert.
Is there a different place I should replace the certs or any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Since DTR requires an active subscription, I would suggest to raise a support ticket.

Years ago, when we were using DTR, we replaced certificates by providing the right arguments to the dtr-bootstrapping container based on the bootstrapping image. There is no need to modify any files in volumes for that.

Since Docker EE (UCP+DTR) are sold to Mirantis, the DTR documentation seem not to be available anymore…thus, no easy way to track down the required arguments.