Request for admin assistance

Hello there

We’ve been using docker for local dev for about 6 months now, and have run into an issue with docker-toolbox, on osx, with rails5.

The new auto loading behaviour of rails 5 isn’t being picked up when we’re making code changes, which is annoying at best.

The problem seems to lie in a few places, virtualbox, docker, rails5, it’s a bit complicated and very hard to find any help, as nobody wants to touch it as it involves more than one area.

I have found a solution, and that is to use docker beta, which I’ve been using for a little while.

There’s quite a few other developers in our team who are going to need Docker beta in order to work around this problem.

I’ve asked all the devs to sign up for a beta, and was hoping that if I pass their docker id’s to you guys, you could possibly shuffle their applications for the beta through a bit faster?

If I’m fussing over nothing and it’s about to be released, then please ignore.



Sorry to be a pain, but is this likely to be OK’d? If not then I’ve got to consider not using docker on mac osx for rails5.

I realise this isn’t your problem.