Request IP address - Issue

Please can someone help me. I am losing my mind.

I have docker-compose running two containers. The app and the DB.

All works find until I view the log files or output the request IP address.

The output is ALWAYS the continuers IP address rather than the IP of the requested user.

Please could someone explain to me how I can get incoming requests to output their IP rather than the containers.

It makes it impossible for me to whilst IPs without getting this working.

BTW I am running on a Mac at the moment.

not getting your point?
need more explanation or logs details…


Okay lets say Im running my site within docker. And a user visits my site. The logs will not display the users IP. They will only display the containers IP.

Same for if I try output the user’s IP for whitelisting or blacklisting. Its always the containers IP.

I need the Users IP.

Make sense?