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Resolved: Windows Container networking: transparent network: Unable to curl container

I have created a docker images with following dockerfile

FROM golang:1.7.3-nanoserver

ADD simplehttp.go C:/gopath/simplehttp.go


CMD go run simplehttp.go

By running:
docker run -p 8081:8081 simplehttp:v1

I could curl to the docker host(which is the VM) from my PC


docker network create -d transparent MyTransparentNetwork

docker run --network=MyTransparentNetwork simplehttp:v1

I could not curl to the container( attached to
transparent network however I could ping the container with the
transparent ip( from my PC.

I wonder what I could have missed.

Hi, has been met everything mentioned here (MSDN)?

Yes, I think pretty much is ok because the ip was assigned by the hypervisor host. I could ping the tp ip but only I could not get to web http.

try include the following main.go instead of your simplehttp.go.

And then expose 8080 and access via IP of the container and 8080 port. My container is working as expected:

Ok i finally figure it out. It was windows firewall which was blocking it. It was working after all.