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Restarting single Docker manager of swarm


I have solr running on my Docker manager, I should do some updates to the solr/manager server, after which I need to restart the server. How should this be done? Do I need to care about issues, or can the workers join automatically back to cluster after the restart and set up all services running?

As I said there is only one manager, so I’m little bit worried the swarm will be lost after restart.

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Yes, no problem with the swarm on restart :slight_smile:

Why would you have expected a problem? Even with a multi node manager setup, you can stop all the nodes and restart them later and your cluster will continue to work like it was never turned offf (give your tasks are deployed with the restart policy “any”)

With a single manager, the state is clear. There is nothing to synrononize between nodes and no consensus to be established for state changes. If the manager is down, the only thing that happens is, is that your workers are not controllable and neither new ressources can be deployed nor stopped tasks can be respawned until the manager is back online.

Thanks for this info…