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RestartPolicy: reset attempts delay after a per-container configurable timeout

(Federico Razzoli) #1

From your docs:

“If a container is successfully restarted (the container is started and runs for at least 10 seconds), the delay is reset to its default value of 100 ms.”

10 seconds may like a sound reasonable (or even too long) timeout for many applications, but it is not enough for non-small databases. Our production MariaDB databases take 15 or even more seconds to initialize the buffer pool. So, MariaDB could fail after more than 10 seconds because a file is corrupted, or could be killed by the OOM after 10 seconds (but before finishing the initialization).

My request is: please, make the 10 seconds timeout configurable on a per-container basis.

(this FR was originally filed on GitHub as #15623, now I closed it because it isn’t a bug report)