RHEL 8 requirements mismatch

Hi Fam,

I’m trying to deploy docker-ce in rhel 8.6 and I noticed that the $basearch value which is “x86_64” directory is missing in “Index of linux/rhel/8/” directory listed url. It should be just like “Index of linux/centos/8/”.

Since the repo for docker-ce.repo has the value $basearch I am unable to deploy CE.

Can you please help me how I can match the requirements?

As you can see, RHEL is not supported on x86_64:

(source: Install Docker Engine | Docker Documentation)

I would strongly suggest to use CentOS instead of RHEL, otherwise you will end up monkey wrenching the CentOS installation into RHEL, which has it’s own challenges (I don’t recall exactly, but one of the required selinux packages was not available in RHEL)