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Rootless Daemon Resource limits

Is it possibility to limit resources of docker daemon in rootless mode?

Only the following storage drivers are supported:
overlay2 (only if running with kernel 5.11 or later, or Ubuntu-flavored kernel, or Debian-flavored kernel)
fuse-overlayfs (only if running with kernel 4.18 or later, and fuse-overlayfs is installed)
btrfs (only if running with kernel 4.18 or later, or ~/.local/share/docker is mounted with user_subvol_rm_allowed mount option)
Cgroup is supported only when running with cgroup v2 and systemd. See Limiting resources.
Following features are not supported:
Overlay network
Exposing SCTP ports
To use the ping command, see Routing ping packets.
To expose privileged TCP/UDP ports (< 1024), see Exposing privileged ports.
IPAddress shown in docker inspect and is namespaced inside RootlessKit’s network namespace. This means the IP address is not reachable from the host without nsenter-ing into the network namespace.
Host network (docker run --net=host) is also namespaced inside RootlessKit.