RPI 4 docker containers, migrate to 64-bit OS

I am running and RPI 4 with Pi OS (32-bit). I have docker installed and run various apps on it, including home assistant, plex, vault warden, sonarr, etc… When trying to install new apps, it happens often that the container image requires a 64 bit OS.

I have an SSD connected to my pi, which has the OS, docker, all apps and the data on it. What would be the best (easiest/fastest) way to migrate my configuration to a 64-bit OS and get all docker apps run fine again?

Assuming you are using named volumes as you should and don’t store any data on the containers’ filesystem as you shouldn’t, you use the same images, same compose files (hopefully you used compose to run containers), save all data on volumes, bind mounted files, folders, compose files, Dockerfiles, boot the new OS, move the files to the same location as there were on the previous system, populate Docker volumes with original data and run the compose projects again.

If you need a more specific answer, you will need to share a more specific issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Indeed I use named volumes and deploy everything with docker-compose.

My Pi is using an 512 GB SSD (no sd-card inserted). There is quite some content on it,especially movies and series for plex. I suppose the SSD will be emptied by installing the 64-bit OS ?

I guess I’d better backup all data to an external storage device and reinstall everything, rigth?

Thanks for you help!

Yes to both of your questions.