Run a container behind a proxy server

Dear All,
I tried to run a container behind a proxy server - using mediawiki.

Question 1: do I need to tell the daemon of Docker that there is a proxy? Or is it enough to use the run -e http_proxy flags during running the container? My mediawiki always has problems to load the skins and I wonder if this is due to a false proxy setup of my docker container?

Question 2: I found a lot of infos to set the Docker daemon to use proxy via systemd conf files. As I am using gentoo openr there is a conf file under /etc/conf.d/docker and this has the DOCKER_OPTS="" but what ever I fill in this e.g. the -H or --host ect. it is crashing Docker after a restart. Whats to do here?

Proxy server is on a separate physical server using nginx.

Thankful for any hint,
Tks nd brgds

Hi, Can some one please answer this question , i am also having similar requirement. Thanks for help.