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RUN apt-get -y update returning a non-zero code: 100


Builds keep failing on the line
RUN apt-get update

Dockerfile installs ubuntu:14.04 and Python-3.6.3 and a lot of other prereqs, but for some reason can’t complete this line, no matter whether it’s run before or after the python installation.

Strangely, if I wipe out the image altogether, I can do a full build, it just takes a long time. But then if I change the code at all and build again, it fails in this way – unless I force remove the image and start again from scratch.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Running Docker version 19.03.8
on Catalina

In your Dockerfile use: RUN apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
This command should be placed right after the “FROM …” entry

It will update the repository links + upgrade the packages to their latest versions
The “-y” will apply a “yes” to all questions …

Thank you for your response. I was already running that right at the beginning, as you say – sorry, I should have made that clear. The issue was that amid the installations of many prereqs for the software, I needed to run it again and it failed.

…but for some reason after installing apt-add-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media
it was possible to run apt-get -y update later after that.

The issue probable stems from the configuration of the relatively recent version of Python on top of the older Ubuntu version, but whatever the specific cause, with the current Dockerfile, builds are no problem.

I really appreciate your suggestion though!