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Run docker containers on a domain name than a local IP address


(Raj080288) #1

I want to run a docker container on my domain in either Digital Ocean or AWS so when i go to my docker container will be running in there rather than going to IP address for example.

I appreciate any help with this as Docker is hard to get going.



(Michael Friis) #2

I’d recommend taking a look at Docker Cloud - it’s already available and is a simpler way to get started:

(Raj080288) #3

Hi Friism. Thanks for your reply.

I have tried to deploy apps with docker cloud but the url always has in it, i want my container to sit specifically in rather than for example

(Michael Friis) #4

You can point a CNAME DNS record to your Docker Cloud endpoint.

(Raj080288) #5

hi, any examples? CNAME DNS from my domain right? sorry for the stupid questions, I’m new to all this.

(Michael Friis) #6

Amazon has related documentation here:

(Michael Davis) #7

Yes, in AWS, the Elastic Load Balancer is the way to go. In my case, I associated the Load Balancer with my domain, and the load balancer has just one EC2 instance associated with it - the one that’s running the containers.