Runing bash in a Windows container

Has anyone succeeded in running the Unix style “bash” shell in a Windows flavor container? (In other words: so that it can run Windows executables.)

I was hoping for msys2 to help me out, but as far as I have found until now, there is no way to run the installer in CLI mode, so I can’t have it installed.

I can install it on my desktop Windows PC and try to copy the installation into the Docker image, but the container crashes when I start it. I guess I see the reason: When it opens, it insists on running the bash shell in a new window, which can’t be done from a Docker container.

So has anyone out there succeeded in running any variant of bash in a container?

(What I am really after is a shell that can run Windows executables and has support for long filenames. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bash, but msys2 bash satisfies requirements on the desktop - I just can’t seem get it to work in a container!)

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